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Puddle of Piss

I once had a conversation with somebody about a puddle of piss.

You see, he had told my friend that any conversation they had was no deeper then a puddle of piss if he didn’t remember it.

So I said that to him, the puddle of piss was shallow, but to a different creature, such as an ant, it may have been as deep as an ocean.

We continued this conversation for a while before pointing out that we where having an intellectual(or at least pseudo-intellectual) conversation about a puddle of piss.

I guess, though, the point of the conversation was that everybody has a perspective. All my life when in conflict, I was told to look at it from their point of veiw. It was only the past couple years when I really got what that meant.

I tend to give everybody the benefit of the doubt by saying that there is something about them I won’t understand, no matter how behind me I think they are.

It’s true though. You can have someone’s personality pinned down tight, but there’s something there that you’re never going to get. That applies to all humans. So in a way, we’re all misunderstood.


Baby Red Panda Learning to Walk

A baby red panda at the Erie Zoo in PA. It’s about 3 months.

(via theanimalblog)


One day, a bird was migrating south for the winter late. It was so freezing cold that he became frozen in midair and fell to the ground. Soon after, a cow came along and released his bowels on top of the bird. The bird felt awful that this had happened, and just as he was ready to die, he felt the steaming warmth of the excrete melt the ice around his body. He was so filled with joy that he began to sing! A nearby cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. He dug up the bird from the dung and promptly ate him.

What does this teach us about life?

1.) Someone who shits on you isn’t always your enemy.

2.) Someone who gets you out of shit isn’t always your friend.

3.) When in deep shit, it’s best to keep your mouth shut.


I’m new.

I’ll probably rant about a lot of things. I don’t really care for stupid humor.

I may post a poem or two, whatever.